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Byalee Blog June 2018

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June 5, 2018

Working with the intellectually disabled

Our newly created Byalee Star Club is now well into the swing of 2018! With Special Olympics putting its equestrian program on hold to review its insurance and processes, Star Club days have replaced Special Olympics in the equestrian centres that were previously chosen to operate by the NSW Special Olympics committee. After a hiatus of more than six months, we have given up waiting and changed the name of our Special Olympics Facebook page to the Byalee Star Club (with permission from Special O). Our next step is to look at setting up a Star Club charity to raise money for these intellectually disabled athletes.

Star student Benji and Sparkles

It’s a perfect 10!

The lovely Ferron, in training at Byalee now for the past 12 months, scored a perfect 10 at his last competition, where he began his trek to the NSW State Dressage Championships by posting a 71% and a 75% on the board. And then there were a few 9s … that is definitely a test to be framed!!! Ably ridden by Dimity Lourey, this 18hh giant is right on track to his long-term target of Grand Prix dressage.
Dimity and Wow

CDI news

Byalee Wow Wie rw, our 8yo warmblood stallion, went off to Sydney CDI with stars in his eyes to compete at the medium tour (Inter A and Inter B). This was his first open CDI competition, having placed at Inter II level at Willinga CDI youth section last year, and he did not disappoint. Going from strength to strength, he posted a PB and backed it up last weekend with another 74% as he won again!

Safety first!

Ann-Maree and Dimity Lourey attended a Safework Australia equestrian information day at Singleton at the beginning of the month, run by Madeleine Brown from the Newcastle Safework. Some of the stories she had to tell would curl your hair, especially since we are so insistent on safety first here at Byalee Stables! It was great to have a healthy reminder of the dos and don’ts, and come home re-examining our signage to ensure that we fulfil all requirements – and we do! Anyone who has ever been told off for arriving at Byalee in thongs, or for letting two horses move too close together, will know how OCD we are about keeping you all safe!

Ann-Maree with colleague Charlotte at the coaches’ clinic

Growing as a coach

Ann-Maree also managed to fly off for a day’s coaches’ update clinic at Johnson Equestrian in Sydney during May.  Guest speaker was Mindfulness Coach Mike Conway, who spoke about the difference between a ‘good’ coach and a ‘great’ coach, and shared lots of stories from his great wealth of experience working with sports ranging from soccer to sprinting, basketball to water skiers! It also ticked off the compulsory update for the current coaching period.  

Winter has arrived

The cold nights have finally arrived and the working pupils are LOVING unrugging and rugging 40+ horses every morning and every night … nevertheless the oldies are turning into fluffy soft toys so we are keeping an eagle eye on their coats to ensure that there are no skin conditions lurking underneath … on the plus side, the grass has finally stopped growing and we are able to focus on more farm maintenance and capital works … slashing the paddocks, checking fencing, weaning the last of last season’s foals, it never ends!

Off to his new home

Byalee Brya is our latest weanling. Purchased by long-term student Emma, who has been longing for a Byalee Briar (imp) baby for year, he is off to live with Emma and her family in a month or so and we look forward to seeing him back here for us to ride post-breaker while Emma builds a relationship with him. A full brother to Byalee Breathless, sold for more than $72,000 a couple of years ago, he looks to be right on track to be an amazing Grand Prix horse!

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